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Here is a great video clip of a pack of wolves near Adam’s County. This is a good representation of the color and size of our Great Lakes Grey Wolf. Notice the short ears, long tail, and long legs. Wisconsin’s average pack size is 5 animals.


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All membership levels include discounts on programs, free onsite use of watercraft and snowshoes and a monthly newsletter and program guides. Benefits add up at each membership level. For example, a "Protector" receives a $25 gift certificate plus the gifts from the "Guardian" and "Advocate" levels.

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Timber Wolf Alliance

The Timber Wolf Alliance (TWA) was founded in 1987 to provide support for wolf recovery in the upper Great Lakes region.

The mission of TWA is to use education and science-based information to promote an ecologically-functional wolf population within areas of suitable habitat.

TWA is committed to investigating the facts, and relies on research to dispel myths and unfounded fears associated with wolves. TWA provides training in wolf biology and ecology, develops and disseminates educational material on wolves, and supports volunteer coordination for statewide wolf population monitoring efforts.

Email: twa@discoverycenter.net / Phone: (715) 543-2085

2014 Wolf Awareness Week: Call For Artists

Jon Ren - Kindred Spirits

We will celebrate National Wolf Awareness Week October 12th -18th, 2014 with our annual poster. As you know, thousands of organizations and schools focus on the wolf and educate the public on this charismatic and often misunderstood species.

The poster is the most anticipated and widely distributed piece of Wolf Awareness Week literature each year, and reaches thousands of people throughout the United States and Canada. It has historically become a collector’s item following publication.

The Timber Wolf Alliance is now soliciting entries for the 2014 Wolf Awareness Week poster.  Artists working in a two dimensional medium are invited to enter this competition. Entries must have as their subject wolves (either gray, Mexican gray, or red) in their native environments of the United States.  In return for use of the winning artwork, artists receive prominent credit on the poster, 200 copies of the poster, and a $500 award.  Special consideration this year will be given to artwork that incorporates and celebrates the Wilderness Act of 1964 – a piece of legislation instrumental to our nation’s wildlife and celebrating its 50thanniversary. 

Pictured above is the 2013 featured artist, Wildlife Artist Jon Ren, with his winning submission "Kindred Spirits." http://www.jonren.com


2014 Wolf Awareness Week: Youth Art Contest

This year TWA is also holding a youth art contest for students in grades 9-12.  The winning piece of artwork will be featured on the back of the WAW poster in gray tones, as well as TWA social media outlets in full color.  The winner will also receive $75 and 25 copies of the poster.  Three honorable mention entries will be featured on TWA social media outlets.


PDFClick to read John Bates, Northwoods Naturalist-Author, share a perspective of predators and our heart and head responses.

Click to listen to Joe Rose, Director of the Northland College Native American Studies Program, tell the Ojibwa legend about the wolf and "original man."

Click to listen to Sigurd F. Olson, author and wilderness conservationist, share his experience with wolves.

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