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Here is a great video clip of a pack of wolves near Adam’s County. This is a good representation of the color and size of our Great Lakes Grey Wolf. Notice the short ears, long tail, and long legs. Wisconsin’s average pack size is 5 animals.


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The Timber Wolf Alliance (TWA) was founded in 1987 to provide support for wolf recovery in the upper Great Lakes region.

The mission of TWA is to use education and science-based information to promote an ecologically-functional wolf population within areas of suitable habitat.

TWA is committed to investigating the facts, and relies on research to dispel myths and unfounded fears associated with wolves. TWA provides training in wolf biology and ecology, develops and disseminates educational material on wolves, and supports volunteer coordination for statewide wolf population monitoring efforts.

Email: twa@discoverycenter.net / Phone: (715) 543-2085

PDFClick to read John Bates, Northwoods Naturalist-Author, share a perspective of predators and our heart and head responses.

Click to listen to Joe Rose, Director of the Northland College Native American Studies Program, tell the Ojibwa legend about the wolf and "original man."

Click to listen to Sigurd F. Olson, author and wilderness conservationist, share his experience with wolves.

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